Underpinned by the Movements of Freighters 2021
Curatorial project, exhibited at The Florence Trust

Underpinned by the Movements of Freighters 2021
2 colour risoprint zine, cover design by Natrah Barragry, printing by Pagemasters
20 x 27cm, 32 pages
Digital copies available on request

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Review by Vanessa Murrell


Natrah Barragry, graphic designer
Pagemasters, printer
The Florence Trust, artist studios
Dateagle Art, curatorial collective

Artists and Writers:
Gabriel Birch
Sabeen Chaudhry
Jane Davies
Nina Davies
Cole Denyer
Bryan Dooley
Ashleigh Fisk
Sophie Goodchild
Susan Jacobs
Alix Marie
Kemi Onabule
Richard Phoenix
Stephany Pollard
Luke Samuel
Sherie Sitauze
Huhtamaki Wab
Salome Wu
Ajl a Yi
Scott Young