In this exhibition, Jane Davies and Joe Moss attempt to situate their craft-based practises alongside recent technological advancements. Their prominent relationship to decorative art practises will be juxtaposed against wall hangings, sustainably 3D-printed sculptures of the heart, and a grid based curatorial platform.

The grid-system is designed to exhibit the work whilst paying homage to the industrial histories of decorative-arts and envisage their non-hierarchical future together with digital and fine-art practises. The curatorial structure pays homage to artisanal labour and associated scaffolding, CAD softwares, and the 3D-printing bed.

Inside the curatorial platform, individual works will be exhibited alongside collaborative sculptures. These sculptural works are drawn directly into CAD softwares from memory using an interactive pen display, and 3D-printed.

In trying to create new work under these conditions, Davies and Moss are attempting to navigate between the concurrent modelling spaces of memory, CAD softwares, the 3D-printing bed, and the physical studio. An Heart looks towards the utopic collaborative possibilities of working between these different planes, and a future whereby these various existences and mediums are valued beyond their ability to harvest a price in units.


Exhibition graphic design by Natrah Barragry