The Midas Touch, 2019 (2:52)
Work in progress

A short test video referencing opera in the Baroque style attempting to tell a celebrity story that parallels an ancient myth.

Using a Baroque opera format to tell these stories is significant due to the history of the method of acting in this period. The method of acting included specific hand gestures formalised by John Bulwer in Chirologia, (1644). These hand signs can be traced back to the gestures in iconography during the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and their origin can be traced back to classical orators like Cicero during the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations. 

The Runner, 2018 (39:40)

As exhibited in Postage and Packaging Paid For as part of Art Licks Weekend 2018, Juno Cafe, London, UK

The Runner Editions, 2018
Print on nylon, cap, trainers, weightlifting belt
1 of 3 (L)
1 of 3 (S)

In no new house a radio, 2017 (3:04)

As exhibited in PC4PC, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London, UK

Actors in order of appearance:
Georgia Stephenson
Nina Davies
Jane Davies
Jack Evans
Charles Verni
Reid Calvert
Naomi Afrassiabi
Adeeb Ashfaq